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Divine Potions is proud to share with you some of its favourite ritual blends which are essential for beginners and more than useful for experienced practitioners of the Craft. These potions have been skillfully created using essential oils from plants and herbs whose vibrations contain secret ancient knowledge which when accessed and blended with inherited wisdom, Personal Power, Goddess symbols and powerful invocations create a practical tool charged with positive magical energy.

Most of these potions are made up of entirely pure essential oils which are too strong to be used on the skin and must be used in tiny amounts on an oil burner which is clean of other oils and kept solely for ritual work.

Massage/Bath potions are already diluted into a carrier oil for your convenience and are safe to use on the body when you wish to call in your chosen deities or work with specific energies.

All potions are hand blended with insight, higher guidance and clinical knowledge of essential oils (for safety). For information on qualifications, please click here to see Kimberley's about us page.

Blessed Be!

Kimberley Ann Finney




(Pure Essential Oil
Empowered potion)



This powerful blend comes highly recommended by many of the top psyshics and tarot readers in London and California alike - as an indispensible power tool for psychic work and tarot reading!.

Our Clairvoyance blend is a truly visionary potion of essential oils. Use this potion to open and increase intuition, psychic and spiritual vision. Simply amazing!

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5ml £13.50
(Pure Essential Oils)

For wicca, Goddess and pagan rituals of all kinds. Use Blessed Be on an oil burner during all rituals

"Enter from the NORTH , circle EAST, past SOUTH, past WEST now then SPIRITS, let us begin.... A celebration of the elements, the moon and magic!"


(Pure Essential Oils)

Essential wicca ritual blend to ensure the deepest soul connection with your tarot deck

Please note: This potion is exclusive to the Thoth Tarot School and can only be ordered in conjunction with their tarot courses for use in tarot initiation


5ml £10.00

A fusion of earth energies blended with the help of the tree and earth devas to draw on your own personal courage and strength at times of challenge


100 ml


(Pure Essential Oils)

A wiccan recipe - use to anoint paper money so it will return to you at times of need.


5 ml


(Pure Essential Oils)

Based upon the ancient original witches flying recipe but in this potion the illegal oils have been replaced with safe equivalents. Enjoy wonderful and safe journeys.

Do not use on the skin!

This recipe is potent and should be used with due caution!!!


The Goddess Potion was created to honour and celebrate The Goddess in the 21st Century. It is a celebration of feminine empowerment, creativity and earthly joy. Anybody having had the sheer pleasure of experiencing the Frangipani flower will immediately know why this is one of the main ingredients in this extraordinary blend.
Inspiration for blend:

Inspiration:As I stood at the tip of Glastonbury Tor (Isle of Avalon) on the first day of the New Millennium and saw the image of the Goddess looming across the hills, I was filled with a feeling of humble honour and a calling to celebrate the mother of all creation, The Goddess.

After much contemplation and meditation here is the channelled potion which I dedicate to honour Her - it is one of feminine empowerment, warmth, comfort, powerful creative energy and a peaceful connection with nature!

Tarot Card Influence: The Empress (Mythic Tarot Deck) Go to Tarot section for Tarot & the Goddess

Uses: Indulge in the Goddess Energy in the bath or massage into pulse points during any Goddess work/rituals or at times when you need to call upon Her guidance.

Don't forget to honour the Goddess by thanking Her for Her assistance!


100 ml £20.00

NB * Indicates pure essential oils for use on an oil burner only









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