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Whether working as a solitary practitioner or in a coven all wiccans celebrate nature with eight festivals which mark key points in the natural year. These rituals are named sabbats. Of the eight festivals four are classed as The Greater Sabbats and the other four as The Lesser Sabbats (Equinoxes and Solstices). The Greater Sabbats are roughly three months apart and are as follows:

IMBOLG (Candlemas) 2nd February

Is a celebration of the beginning of Spring and a time to drive out the spirit of the old year.

BELTANE (May Eve) 30th April

Is a celebration to welcome the coming Summer. It is a time of planning and starting new projects.

LAMMAS 31st July

A time of thanks giving for all that the year has brought

SAMHAIN 31st October

The festival of the beginning of Winter. A time when the veils between the worlds are at their thinnest making communication with departed souls easier.



In a wiccan's closet you will find many ritual tools which all have sacred significance. Ritual tools for a Coven differ and include The Cup, The Knife, The Altar Stang, The Besom(broomstick), The Sword and The Cauldron. The individual witch will have amongst their tools The Knife, The Cord and The Stang. So, let's empty the closet out and take a brief look at the symbolic meaning of some of these ancient goodies.

Divine wise Witches
What's in the Woods?
Why don't you step Inside
And take a Look...


Symbol of will. Used in ritual and spells to direct magickal energy. Used also to mark the circle which is used to protect all within from outside energies.


For cutting magickal herbs and blending essential oils for Divine Potions (TM)


Used to mark the rank of the wearer within the coven and for initiations.


A recognition of the faith. Useful as a walking aid when out in the country collecting sacred woods and herbs.


Represents Cerridwen's cauldron of Wisdom. The feminine energy. Symbolic of the sharing of the feast of The Goddess.


A male tool!

Used to bridge the circle in the coven. Traditionally made from birch, hazel and yew, the trees that represent birth and rebirth, fertility and knowledge, death and resurrection. A useful tool for sweeping away negative energy. Divine Potions(TM) Top Tip: Apply a few drops of 'Spirit Keeper' pure essential oil blend to the brush end of your besom when using as a personal tool for sweeping the energy, this will increase the power three- fold (don't use this product on painted/wooden floors and furniture).


A coven tool. Symbolic of Cerridwen's cauldron of inspiration and wisdom where life is born, death returns and rebirth awaits. In Celtic mythology the cauldron is guarded by nine maidens. On a personal level a useful magickal tool for divination, scrying and blending special oils. At White Cauldron we have a mini cauldron into which we pour Divine Potions' 'Creativity' blend and then write current ideas onto to special paper, roll up, tie with a ribbon of relevant colour and sit in the cauldron to gain inspiration and birth. Try it. It certainly works for us!


A Wiccan's home will be full of wonderful ritual tools for use in magick spells - healing, love (link karin),protection, prosperity and peace to name a few.


Different Colours are used for different types of spells for example Divine Potions use pink candles as part of the ceremony for making the potion 'Compassion' because the colour pink is associated with matters of the heart.


Required to locate the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water


A five pointed star which represents the four elements and Spirit. A universal symbol worn and used by Wiccan's throughout the world for protection and magick.

PENTACLE pentacle

A ritual tool. A pentagram within a circle. Used to invoke magick. It represents the element Earth. If you take a look through your tarot deck you will see pentacles on the suit which represents Earth.


Spells and potions must be prepared during the right phase of the moon to ensure the correct results. At Divine Potions we would never, never, never attempt to blend a healing potion during the Dark of the Moon.


Used in spell and potion making of all kinds (To learn more about crystals and their uses in healing we recommend visiting www.crystallight.co.uk

A personal collection of all spells, thoughts, potion ingredients and poetry in honour of The Goddess.


Of every colour. Used to tie around objects such as growing herbs and oils to make a personal connection with your energy and the object to enhance spells.


A dedicated shrine in the home, used for honoring The Goddess, storing personal tools for example crystals, feathers and Tarot Deck There should be something there to represent each of the four elements along with candles, incense, and essential potions such as 'Blessed Be'


The power of scent is well documented. For the Wiccan it is an essential ingredient in spell binding used to anoint objects such as money to ensure its return:

Divine Potions(TM) Top Tip: When somebody enters your home the very first impression comes from how it smells. If you are in the process of selling your home make sure you have your oil burner bubbling to greet your buyers with a wonderful enticing aroma which subconsciously says' buy me, I'm your ideal home'. Here at Divine Potions we are just putting the final touches to a blend designed especially for selling your property, so click back to White Cauldron next month (ie September) to read all about it.


Symbolises special luck. My horseshoe stands proud at the entrance of my healing room hopefully sharing my good luck with all who enter this room. I was lucky indeed to find mine in a field in Tintagel (Cornwall, U.K.) the home of King Arthur's Castle - a charming and spiritually fascinating place - highly recommended!!!


Images of people and places carry the energy of that object or person. Wiccans will normally have a personal symbol which represents The Goddess. At Divine Potions tm the image of the triple Goddess appears on the label of each product therefore, continually empowering the enclosed potion until it is finished. The top part of this image can be seen at the top of this page. Unfortunately, you cannot see her coat of feathers which represents The Crone.


Feared by some wiccan's because of the connection with the third eye but if that doesn't bother you they can be used to increase clairvoyance. My home is abundant with them!!! In Thailand you see bunches of them on the spirit tables to honour The Lord Buddha.


Used for purification and absorbing negativity.



To Will, To Know, To Dare, To be Silent

To Will: - Personal will is needed to charge all magical tools,
cast the circle, invoke the elements, Gods and Goddesses

To Know:
Is to know your Craft and your limitations

To Dare:
Is to use the skills you have learn with good intent.
Trust your intuition

To be Silent:
Never boast - Never threaten.
Never allow your ego to dominate


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Information provided by Kimberley Ann Finney - Divine Potions(TM)

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