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Thoth Tarot School - discover your intuitive self!Discover the secrets to learning the tarot



What is the secret mystery the Tarot holds
& How can I master the Tarot?

You may be new to the tarot or you may have been trying to learn to work with the tarot for some time and found yourself flicking through many books on the subject only to be left frustrated and confused; feeling there is a hidden key - something you are missing in your search for a deeper understanding of the tarot.

The teaching of all the ancient mystery schools reveals an outer and an inner temple of wisdom. When you read a meaning for a tarot card from a book you are in the Outer Temple.

How can I enter the Inner Temple
of Wisdom of the Tarot?

Ask the High Priestess... Keeper of the Inner Mysteries!

The High Priestess (Tarot Major Arcana Card II) represents intuition, ancient wisdom,feminine knowledge and inner knowing, she sits quietly and listens to the vibrations of the Universe she has strong psychic and intuitive powers.

She is the keeper of the tarot mysteries guarding the mysteries of the tarot until the initiate is ready.

In order to take the first step nearer to the temple of inner wisdom of the tarot we must first embrace and rediscover our own inner High Priestess. She is that intuitive sense of knowing; she is that sensing that Sally will call soon and then the phone rings and it is Sally on the other end. She represents your psychic and intuitive gifts.

To commune with our High Priestess we must first of all be still amongst all the hustle and clutter of our busy lives. Take a moment now to contact your inner High Priestess - turn off the phone, take a few deep breaths and relax!

If you have a tarot deck take out the High Priestess (Major Arcana II) and spend some time working with the card

The High Priestess - Major Arcana Tarot Card II

The High Priestess Tarot Card - Major Arcana Card II - Spiral Tarot Deck
The High Priestess Tarot Card - Major Arcana II - Universal Rider Tarot Deck
Spiral Tarot Deck
Universal Rider
Tarot Deck

Click on the tarot images for larger views


You will notice this tarot card is serene and peaceful and yet the High Priestess radiates a powerful energy of inner knowing and wisdom. You feel she is wise and holds the key to many mysteries, (notice that she holds a copy of the Torah but the 'H' is hidden). She will reveal these hidden mysteries only when the seeker is ready.

Spend a few minutes meditating and quietly enjoying this energy - you will find it relaxing and centering - remember the more you still yourself and look, the more you will see.

Working with the High Priestess will help to open your 3rd eye chakra - the seat of your intuition and psychic gifts

This is the first step towards the tarot's inner temple - we need to be still, we need to be receptive; we need to activate and cultivate our intuition - working with The High Priestess is the first step towards this.

Your Inner High Priestess is your intuitive guide who guides you every day of your life; but in the hustle and bustle of life today we do not hear her whispers, or follow that knowing feeling, we don't take the time to understand the symbols she sends us in our dreams.


Symbols speak to the deepest levels of our being - that is why they are so powerful - that is why the tarot is such a powerful tool!. Symbols speak to our souls, they reconnect us to our deepest memories of this life and many past lives , they reconnect us with parts of ourselves that we thought we had lost.

Spend some time working with the High Priestess - ask her to help you in your inner search, let her wisdom guide you and reconnect you to your intuitive and psychic self.

Listen to her voice, write down your dreams, your feelings about things - these are ways to get in touch with and develop your intuition.


At the Thoth School of Tarot there are many unique techniques we use to help your intuition to flourish and as your journey progresses, your life's journey so far will begin to make sense. The journey awakens you to a new level of consciousness and self-awareness.

The focus of the teaching at the Thoth School of Tarot is to bring the tarot to life for you and to initiate you into its temple of inner wisdom!

Learning the tarot is not just about learning meanings for cards it is a journey into learning about yourself! The tarot is a mirror of your soul and as you start your journey into the tarot you will see your whole life reflected there and you will be able to piece these reflections together for greater personal understanding and to make a more complete happier you!

Enjoy the Journey! ....
Blessings the Thoth School of Tarot.


3rd Eye Chakra - Seat of Intuition
The Chakras are the 7 energetic centres of the body, namely base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, 3rd eye and crown. Each of the Chakras has a specific function, a colour, a sound, crystal, fragrance etc. The third eye Chakra situated in the centre of the forehead between the eyebrows relates to intuition, psychic gifts clairvoyance and past lives. It is the centre of inner seeing and when developing or opening the 3rd eye Chakra we strengthen all of these gifts.


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