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Tarot readings can help you to gain insight and direction at times of transition and change, a tarot reading will help you to decide which pathway to take and give you an insight into what the future holds. Karin is a gifted and experienced professional clairvoyant specialising in relationship and work issues. The following types of psychic tarot readings are available with Karin online

TASTER SPREAD A short insightful session to answer one specific question - this also helps to give you a taster for my style of working.
Price: $10.00 US Dollars
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This session focusses on your love life and addresses questions like - where is my current relationship leading - have I found my soul mate/true love when will romance next come into my life? What astrology signs work well with my chart (this is based on the coming 3/6 months). This session is based on a specific question
Price: £15 (US Dollars $22.50)
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An in-depth look at the influences around you for the coming months - this session focusses on relationships, career/work, home/family - to give insight into the best course of action to take to achieve the happiest outcome. Please note we are unable to answer health questions online. This is an in-depth spread and can focus on any subject of your choice. Covers up to 3 specific questions

Price: US Dollars 35.00
or £25 Sterling
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Here Karin will tune into your partner's feelings and desires, look at a past life you have shared together, and give her opinion of what the outcome will most likely be. If there is a particular matter between both of you that you would like focussing on, please give details.
Price: £20 Sterling
or US Dollars 28.00
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We will look at the spiritual lesson you are working on for the current/coming cycle and gifts you have brought from your past lives into this one . The origin of this lesson will also be linked into a past life - these sessions are very illuminating and powerful in assisting you to understand your life and path at this present time. Please let me know the reason you would like a past life reading so I can focus on the past life relevant to current issues.
Price: US$ 35.00 or £25 sterling
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(For spiritual awareness and those on the path to light):
Linking into the guiding light of the universe Karin will look at the spiritual lesson you have chosen for the coming cycle and how it is manifesting itself in your life at the moment. She will link into your guardian angels and spirit guides and channel messages that are important for you on your spiritual journey at the moment (if there is a question you would like her to ask your guides please include this). This session can also include energetic guidance on which chakra needs attention at this time, akashic information and insight and direction on how to evolve on your spiritual path or issues needing healing in your life.

Price: US$ 35.00 or £25 Sterling
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How to order:
Please click on the relevant underline to go to the order page we now accept credit card payments online.
Readings are sent by email within 24 to 72 hours of receipt of payment.
PLEASE REMEMBER that whilst you may find the tarot to be illuminating and insightful, it is for entertainment purposes only. You must be 18 or over.

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