About Your Tarot Reader:

Karin Taylor is a naturally gifted psychic with many years experience of working professionally with the tarot. She uses a combination of clairvoyancy, tarot, numerology, crystals and astrology to help you to understand the meaning of what is happening in your life at the moment and divine the possibilities that the future holds. She has helped so many at times of need to empower, heal themselves and move forward. She will look at your past, present and future and give you wise guidance, help and understanding.

Based in London, Karin is the founder of the Thoth School of Tarot (founded 1995) training professional tarot readers She is a senior member of the A.T.P. Her work with the Esoteric spans a period of 20 years. She works full time with the esoteric and spiritual and is also a Crystal Light™ Energy Master, Usui Reiki Master, Melchizedek Facilitator and a follower of the Goddess. She runs a busy private practice with many regular clients and has worked for many psychic fairs, for the well-known London Esoteric cenrtre - Mysteries in Covent Garden and for Enigma. She has been featured by London's LBC radio, BBC television and several magazines and newspapers including the London Evening Standard newspaper and Holistic London magazine.


Your Tarot reader -Karin in her London treatment room

Karin pictured here in her therapy room (taken from Holistic London Magazine - Spring 2000)




Tarot Readings are available by appointment with Karin in London. Karin also offers tarot counselling* sessions as outlined below

*These are sessions when we look at ongoing issues - be they relationship, personal growth, confidence or spiritual issues through the insight the cards can offer - in a relaxed and supportive manner. These are not predictive sessions but in-depth sessions to explore issues that may be holding you back and help you to move forward in your life.

Karin is available for Private Consultations, Parties and Corporate Events
Contact Karin
Tel: 020 7 385 1169, (SW4)


Corporate Events and Parties
Are you organising a corporate event or a party?
-Why not make the occasion unusual, fun and memorable with a Mystical or Holistic Theme

We can arrange for top professional tarot readers, palmists, clairvoyants, astrologers, rune readers, colour bottle readers, or holistic massage therapists (offering hand clothed massage or indian head massage), reflexologists, aura pamperers etc. You do not even need that much space to cater for this - and all therapists are fully insured and hold professional qualifications - create an oasis of calm! contact us for details


Want to find a qualified/experienced reader in your area?
Please see our list of Recommended Readers
(All members of the Association of Tarot Professionals)





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