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Chariot - tarot card major arcana VII - Rider Waite Deck
The Chariot is Tarot Card VII of the Major Arcana. It is a card of movement and is connected in Egyptian symbolism with Horus the Sun God. Strongly featured is the Sphinx - the keeper of the mysteries and guardian or protector of the pyramids.

The tarot's major arcana carries multi layered symbolism which is a subject of much fascination. When working with the tarot try not to just take a symbol at face value but research its deeper meaning through different cultures - this will add greatly to your experience of working with the tarot.

During August and September we will look at Egyptian symbolism through some of the major arcana - tarot cards - enjoy!

Chariot -Tarot card - Major Arcan VII -Spiral Deck
In the Spiral Deck we also see protection in the form of the Scarab beetle featured on the chest of the charioteer - the Scarab beetle was sacred to the sun Gods and as such a scarab amulet provided the wearer with the protection of the solar deities.
The scarab was also placed in the tombs of the deceased as a symbol of rebirth in the afterlife. In Egypt still today shopkeepers will give visitors small scarab souvenirs to wish good luck and protection to the holders.
Justice Major Arcan Tarot Card  XI
Justice is depicted here in the Spiral deck as the ancient Egyptian Goddess Ma'at. Ma'at is the Goddess of righteousness or truth. She is an aspect of Archangel Michael who tries and tests. She sees with the eyes of the Universe.
The Egyptian Book of the Dead tells how on passing from this life to the next the deceased was judged to test his worthiness to enter the afterlife . As part of this test Anubis took the deceased's heart and weighed it upon scales against a feather symbol of Ma'at to decide their fate. You will see on the scales here the heart and the feather.
........ We will discover more about Anubis when we look at the Wheel of Fortune in September



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