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Thoth Tarot  School - discover your intuitive self with our beginners tarot classesThoth  Tarot School  logo

Beginners Tarot Classes

Open yourself to the mysterious world of the tarot with our beginners tarot classes and discover how the tarot can help you to open and develop your intuition and psychic gifts and help you gain greater self awareness and self-empowerment .

The tarot is not just a tool for divination and "seeing the future" - one of the greatest gifts this ancient wisdom system offers is its' unique ability to lead you to greater self-awareness and awakening to your spiritual path through life.

Any journey into the tarot is also a journey into yourself. The tarot is the mirror of the soul!

At the end of the beginners tarot classes you will feel truly connected to your wise friend the tarot and confident to do short intuitive readings for friends and family.

... become the centre of attention at any social gathering! (You do not need to have "psychic skills" or any prior knowledge of the tarot).


Beginners Tarot Course includes:

  • Awakening and developing your intuitive gifts
  • How to do simple tarot readings for yourself and friends
  • Building your personal Altar to the tarot
  • Sacred ceremonies, wonderful guided meditations and visualisations*
  • In-depth Symbolism/Mythology/Archetypes through the tarot
  • Techniques to help the tarot "come alive" and speak to you
  • Connecting to the Elemental Energies of the tarot
  • Exploring numerology through the tarot
  • Assistance of a personal on-line Tarot Mentor
  • This course consists of 6 in-depth tarot classes.
  • You can work through this course at your own pace - although
    one class per month is recommended.


The focus of the teaching at the Thoth School
of Tarot is to bring the tarot to life for you
and to initiate you into its temple of inner wisdom

The course focuses on the symbolism of the Rider Waite tarot deck and it is and it is recommended you use this tarot deck to gain maximum benefit from the tarot course

The Thoth School of Tarot is a professional member of the Association of Tarot Professionals

Cost Beginners Tarot Course
On-line: 6 Classes-66 Sterling - (1 per month)
Postal Correspondence: 66 + postage and packing

book me on the course!

Tarot Meditations on Tape
All tarot meditations are included in written form - however you may wish to additionally purchase these on tape. This series of beautiful guided visualisations designed to help you every step of the way - only available when booking courses with the Thoth School of Tarot Price 9.99e + P+P

Tarot Classes in London - Beginners
Beginners tarot classes are held frequently in London.

Tarot Diploma Course- for those seeking training as a professional tarot reader please see Tarot Foundation Course




Development Tools

Clairvoyance Oil
Highly recommended for use during Tarot readings/Psychic work
expands the intuition and strengthens your psychic gifts- quite simply
amazing! (Use on an oil burner).

Go to Divine Potions

Magical Tarot Connection Oil
- Exclusive to the Thoth School of Tarot

This blend assists you in making that deep soul connection
with that new tarot deck! It was designed specifically by
Divine Potions for the Thoth School of Tarot.
This unique product is available exclusively to
The Thoth School of Tarot in conjunction with the
Beginners classes or Professional Tarot Diploma Course

Go to Divine Potions

3rd Eye Chakra Oil
The 3rd Eye Chakra is the seat of intuition,
and inner seeing. Use to anoint the 3rd eye Chakra (between the
eyebrows) to help awaken or strengthen this Chakra and
your Intuitive gifts.
Go to Divine Potions





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