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The Association of Tarot Professionals' aim is to promote standards of tarot reading within the industry. The ATP started in London and members include some of the top names in tarot reading in London at this time. We now invite tarot professionals worldwide to join us!

The ATP is an independent, non-profit making organisation.

Membership is available in 4 categories:

Apprentice Tarot Consultant, Tarot Consultant, Professional Tarot Consultant and Master Tarot Consultant.

Members need to satisfy the following criteria in order to qualify for membership:




Apprentice Tarot Consultant (ATC)

  • Has completed Foundation tarot Training at a school recognised by the ATP
  • Or If self-trained can demonstrate quick associations for all 78 tarot cards


Tarot Consultant (TC)

  • Satisfies criteria for Apprentice Tarot Consultant
  • Needs to submit 3 taped tarot card readings they have carried out for friends/clients
  • Can demonstrate competence with spreads such as Celtic/Astrological or similar
  • NB Online readers can submit 3 online readings by e:mail




Professional Tarot Consultant (PTC)
  • Is qualified as a Tarot Consultant/ or satisfies the criteria
  • Minimum 1year's experience reading at shows/online/a shop/private practice
  • Needs to submit 3 taped readings they have carried out for clients using spreads of 7 or more cards*
  • *Alternatively attend a reading assessment with a senior member of the ATP
  • NB Online readers can submit 3 online readings by e:mail




Master Tarot Consultant (MTC)

  • Has trained a minimum of 10 tarot students to Apprentice level or above
  • Has qualified as a Professional Tarot Consultant
  • Has worked professionally with the tarot for a minimum of 5 years
  • Has given 3 separate talks/lectures at holistic/psychic festivals, or written articles for magazines/papers

Members of all categories will be asked to sign the code of tarot readership. Membership runs yearly from April 1st to March 31st




Membership Details
Cost: Yearly membership costs are as follows:
Apprentice: £15 pounds sterling per year
All other categories: £30 pounds sterling per year

This includes:
Newsletters and Tarot Tips by E:Mail
Certificate of Membership* (UK) (+ postage for overseas membership).
Your details will be listed in all mailings to prospective clients enquiring about the ATP (for example the ATP was recently
featured in UK's Elle Magazine (Jan 2000 issue).
*Not applicable for Associate Memberships

To request an application form please e:mail us stating
category of membership you wish to apply for.



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Tarot readings, palmistry, face readings and clairvoyance with authentic professionals -At parties or corporate events -UK including London, Manchester and Birmingham


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