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Welcome to the Magical Playground I call Divine Potions.

Divine Potions(R) are a range of essential oil blends designed for your spiritual growth and healing journey.

These unique potions each carry a special vibration of guided knowledge and an ancient wisdom my family have carried in their souls through many lives.

All of these products are hand blended, blessed and empowered in special ceremony frequently at sacred sites, so the recipient receives a tool for use in healing meditation and ceremonial work that has been infused with Divine Intention.

The precious essential oils used are chosen for their subtle vibrations and are often rare and expensive, but must be included because of their powerful properties and energy.

The charm of these potions has been enhanced by many sacred influences such as the breathtaking Glastonbury, Avebury and Stonehenge which is something I will be sharing with you during updates to the site

Be prepared to be enchanted by Divine Potions!

magical potions for spiritual growth or a little fun!






Take a little Nature
Listen to the Moon
Add a Drop of Magic
The Rest is up to You!...



Choose from our extensive range of potions - simply tap on the underlined text to go to that section:

Spiritual Cauldron - essential oil potions for meditation, spiritual work, Lightworkers, Ascension work, and working with the Angelic Realms, Higher Dimensions, Spiritual Guides, Past Life Journeying, and Initiation Ceremonies

Healing Cauldron - For healers
(Reiki, Crystal and Spiritual healers), Crystal Cleansing, Aura Cleansing and Self-Healing work

Intuitive Cauldron - A blend made specifically for your needs! A pesonal blend to support you in times of need. For emotionally difficult times, crossroads in our lives or if you feel spiritually, creatively, mentally or emotionally blocked - we will help you to move forward in your life with our Intuitive Healing Range -

Chakra Blends Use to bring the energy of the Chakras into harmony and alignment Find out about the Chakras

Goddess/Wicca/Ritual Blends - Come and join us in the Witches' Wood -celebrate the Goddess, Attract money into your life, oils for use in ritual and ceremony.

Featured Blend of the Month
Periodically Divine Potions will feature a blend telling you a little more about our inspiration for the blend plus a special discount .

Xmas Party Flirting blend 2001 WICKED .... a sensual celebration

Fun Potions for Harry Potter Themed Events

All of Divine Potions (R) products are blended by a fully qualified aromatherapist (Tisserand trained TIDHA, MRQA) the essential oils used are some of the finest in the world!

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Indian Head Massage - London

About Divine Potions
Press articles


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