Love Spells

Love spells are created specifically for your situation.

The following information is needed initially:
Your name and date of birth
Nature/background of the problem

Please supply relevent information concisely - please try to be open and honest with yourself as well as ourselves when supplying information - as the person preparing this will need to meditate on whether they can be of assistance before agreeing to undertake. Please include the birthday and names/of other parties where applicable. No more than 50 words please.

Please email the above information to us - you need to email us before paying
so we can personally review and look at your case

Prices £45.00 Pounds Sterling (for payment in the UK by cheque)
Online payment by credit card -
US Dollars $65.00

This covers the considerable work, time, psychic energy and materials individually put into these. (For free spells - see the links below)

Please note that the spell will probably require some input from yourself.

Please note that however painful this may seem we cannot force someone to love you against their will. All Love spells are for good only and must not be to harm others - this is the law of the Universe.

Honesty and integrity is of great importance to us and we only undertake work where we feel we can be of genuine assistance and there is a good chance of success.

Upon receipt we will e:mail you if we feel we can be of assistance - we will send you light and love to help you in all cases.

Love Cauldron's Moon Magic Team


Free Love Spells:

Witch's Brew: For All of Mother's Children...

Try a free fun psychic love reading!


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You must be over 18. Charms and love spells are for entertainment purposes only. Please note there are no guarantees with spells as the results depend in part on the seeker. Page updated 16th August 2000.