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This yummy and sensuous essential oil feast owes its sensual success to the high quantity of Jasmine Sambac, one of the most expensive essential oils in the world. Jasmine is an aphrodisiac oil whihc is heady and sweet and so is best complemented by other famous aphrodisiacs.

As well as being a fun potion, 'Wicked" also has a more serious side - the blend of essential oils promotes greater relaxation, thus relieving stress, it is also designed to aid lack of confidence and for mental relaxation, and if all this isn't enought it boosts confidence and energises the sensual body - so is extremely useful for couples experiencing sexual difficulties which can often arise from stress and lack of confidence.

Last but not least the potion mimics pheromones (the invisible human atmosphere that we automatically release as part of our chemistry to attract others. "Wicked is also a useful personal tool to help us feel confident about our own body image and sensuality.

So whether you're all loved up or looking for love "Wicked" is your man!

Price: £17.50 - 100ml +P+P -
Telephone orders (UK) 020 7622 2982
EMail: blends@whitecauldron.co.uk

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wicked sensual essential oil blend

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