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LOVE GODDESS IN THE BEDROOMLove Goddess - sensuous fun! - PART 1

Welcome to Love Goddess ... we will be building this section over the next few months. It will be a place of pure sensuous hedonism.... feel free to send us your own tips..... Kisses - the Love Cauldron team!

You too can be Venus!Venus -Goddess of love - Botticelli's Birth of Venus

Venus - Roman Goddess of beauty and sensual love (also known as Aphrodite in Greek mythology) is the archetypal Love Goddess admired since antiquity. When we think of a love goddess let's think first about Venus who has been cherished as the archetypal love goddess since antiquity:

Venus did not worry about cellulite - there is no mention in antiquity of her struggling to get into a size 10 or worrying what her bum looked like in a G string - she just was! She didn't worry about this or that diet, she didn't go to spinning classes and try to do 8 hours work with one jelly baby- she was relaxed about her body and who she was! OK girls let's first of all start to love our bodies a little more! Being "the body" in antiquity was just being - try to remember that the images we see in magazines are often enhanced anyway. That's not to say that you shouldn't try to be in shape - just have a little more self love -
Love starts with loving yourself anyway - start to like yourself more and everything will flow from there.

Tip 1 - Feeling good about yourself!
It has been said that the most attractive thing in a person is confidence - so work on that confidence!

Tip 2 - Feel comfortable with your own sexuality
Know what makes you happy - how can you tell your partner if you don't know yourself!

Part one - The Aromatic Art of Seduction.....
Make a date with Romance!

So you've decided to surprise him with an evening of pure seduction!... weave this into a work of sensual art:

Scent connects with the oldest part of the brain - a smell can take you back to your childhood in a fraction of a second and a scent can entice and seduce in the same way - and then remind him of you!
Firstly get yourself in the mood for the evening ahead - try a bath in Wicked Sensual Oil - or wait until he arrives and have a candlelit bath together! Alternatively put a little essential oil on your oil burner,or spray on a light bulb - even dab a little on the sheets or your lingerie

Sensual Essentials:

Jasmine - Renowned as a love tonic in the East - Jasmine is incredibly sensual, almost hypnotic - helps with confidence, anxiety and low self-esteem
Ylang Ylang - great for fatigue and shyness, warming and sensuous
Tuberose - expensive expensive expensive - incredible, incredible, incredible - (In Bali they have masses of Tuberose arrangements everywhere - in the evening it is a delight to the senses - pure heaven!) - it arouses, entices and encourages spontaneity
Lavender - relaxing, entices gently
Rose - according to legend when Venus was born roses appeared in the world with her!


Add a Little Magic .... Drive him crazy with a little help from Vanda's Love Spell*

You will need:
1 Metre Red Ribbon (enough to tie a bow around your thigh)
1Red Tall Candle
1 Red Rose - symbol of Venus or Aphrodite
Sensuous massage oil (try wicked, or 2 drops of jasmine or ylang ylang in 10ml base oil (coconut, or almond)
1 stocking or hold up
Tiny candles in reds, pinks and violets or tiny night lights
A little wickedness!

* Spell thanks to Vanda our resident Goddess consultant.

Bathe in the sensuous massage oil or massage into your pulse points and inner thigh
Wearing the stocking or hold up - tie the ribbon in a bow around your thigh
Light the red candle and holding the rose in your right hand raise your arms above your head

Call to Aphrodite:

" Hail Aphrodite
Goddess of Desire
Lend me your bright powers
Draw my love (..................say his name) to me
and fill these hours with ecstasy
May love warmth and passion be;
Eternally ours.
So mote it be."

Remember to thank Aphrodite for her assistance.

Love brought by Aphrodite is powerful and passionate - good luck! When your lover arrives you must seduce him and make it a night to remember!
The next day put the red ribbon in his pocket or brief case to remind him of the night before!

Make sure you will have no interruptions or distractions!!!
Have someone look after the children for the evening.

Contrary to popular opinion Venus did not have a mobile phone,
and ET did not continually pop into her bedroom urging her to stay in touch
- she just had all that rolling surf in the background so if you are trying to create an atmosphere turn your phones off!

Next Month - How to spot a Love God in a crowd .... our Astrological Love God survey begins.... Especially for all you single Goddesses .....


Love Cauldron - romantic ideas, free psychic readings, dating doctor,fun freebies!Place a drop of the essential oil on a hanky in his pocket to remind him of your amazing evening together!

Love Cauldron - romantic ideas, free psychic readings, dating doctor,fun freebies!Spray your perfume on his pillow before you leave and then even when you're not there he will be thinking of you!

Love Cauldron - romantic ideas, free psychic readings, dating doctor,fun freebies!Keep putting the red ribbon in unusual places for him to find whenever you want to evoke this night of passion in his memory!


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