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Attract Love

Attract new romantic admirers or the attention of someone special! A very special love charm of herbs and crystals lovingly enlisting the help of Venus! Includes Rose quartz crystal.

Use with care - great results reported!

Great gift idea for friends!


Heal a Broken Heart

To gently nurse your pains away after a broken relationship or emotional loss - comforting and loving - you will feel like someone is holding your hand! Includes crysocolla crystal

The above charms include herbs, flowers and crystals selected for their special energies, these are then hand wrapped in silk and powered in ceremony. All charms are hand made at the time of order.

Prices: Love Charms £15 sterling each plusP+P

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All of our charms and spells are created for good only by Karin. They fuse together her gifts as a psychic, healer, shaman and follower of the ways of the Goddess.

All items are lovingly prepared individually by hand and empowered in sacred ceremony for maximum power and success.

Karin works with Planetary energies and Moon phases, and empowers the herbs and crystals with light energy channelled from nature spirits, her spiritual guides and crystal devas. Powerful healing symbols and sigils are programmed into each item.

Herbs and ingredients used in the charms are frequently energised in sacred ceremony at power places such as Glastonbury Tor (Ancient Isle of Avalon).


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You must be over 18. Charms and love spells are for entertainment purposes only. Please note there are no guarantees with spells as the results depend in part on the seeker. Page updated 14th July 2000.