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" Earth Energy"

Colour: Red

This centre represents the foundations of our lives and fear or faith - we either have faith in ourselves or fear life - this blend promotes courage, faith and strength.

This blend helps grounding and reconnecting with the earth vibrations required for basic life force energy and physical survival.

An imbalance here can manifest as lower back problems, disinterest in life, aggression or emotional instability.


50ml £7.50
"Creative Wisdom"

Colour: Orange

Creativity, sexual expression, passion for life and sheer joy are expressed here. This blend will help you reconnect to your creativity and your joy fun and enthusiasm for life!

An imbalance here could manifest as a creative block, sexual and relationship difficulties
or a stagnant feeling.


50ml £8.50

"Emotional Freedom"

Colour: Yellow

For cleansing and balancing the emotional centre of the body where past painful feelings stagnate. The Solar plexus is the central sun of the body - it represents our Willpower!

An imbalance in this centre could manifest as digestive upsets, lack of confidence or an over dominating ego.


50ml £7.50

"Brave Heart"
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Colour: Green

A soothing and loving blend to use to strengthen the heart centre during or following times of emotional pain and for emotional healing.

The Heart blend helps unleash the flow of unconditional love for ourselves and others and helps us to understand current or previous painful emotional experiences.

On a spiritual level the heart centre is the link between the physical and the higher spiritual energies. Love is the key to our spiritual evolution.

An imbalance here can manifest as crying easily, lack of self-love and lack of forgiveness for self and others. Massage over the heart area and enjoy the bliss!. And remember love starts with loving yourself!


50ml £8.50
"Throat Therapy"
Colour: Pale Blue

This blend encourages emotional, artistic and spiritual self-expression. A balanced throat centre enables us to voice what is in our hearts

An imbalance here could manifest as regular sore throats, (frustrated artists frequently suffer from throat problems) eczema or lack of communication Massage over the base of the throat.

Great for use before public speaking or when you need to express yourself openly and clearly to loved ones


50ml £7.50

"3rd Eye Wisdom"


Aid meditation, open and increase intuition, spiritual awareness, clairvoyance and explore past life journeying with this high vibrational essential oil blend.!

The 3rd eye is the centre of meditation, intuition and inner seeing - it enables us to see beyond illusion


50ml £7.50

"Spiritual Essence"

Colour: Violet

A high vibrational blend to facilitate connection with your spirit guides, angels, cosmic consciousness, and the higher dimensions.

Here is our gateway to higher spiritual guidance and spiritual wisdom. Working from our higher selves helps us to realise our true spiritual path in this lifetime.



50ml £7.50
An enveloping floral vibration to raise the vibration of energy through the hand centres when commencing healing or meditation work . Ideal for Spiritual Healers and Reiki practitioners to add the gentle touch of scent. 50 ml £8.50


NB Each of these precious essential oil blends is made by hand by a fully qualified Tisserand Aromatherapist and spiritually energised.

The essential oils used are some of the finest in the world . Full instructions come with each blend.
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