Aromatherapy Massage - London with Kimberley Ann Finney (TIDHA, MRQA)


Experience aromatherapy massage with London based Kimberley Ann Finney a gifted holistic aromatherapist who has been featured in many articles including National Aromatherapy Magazine (September 2000 -this photo of Kimberley is taken from that article) she has also massaged Nick Ferrari live on LBC radio!

aromatherapy - what is it?

aromatherapy massage with Kimberley
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aromatherapy massage with  kimberley

Aromatherapy is an ancient natural form of healing which involves applying powerful plant extracts to the body in the form of a massage to help diminish physical pain, restore emotional balance and allow the spirit to evolve.

Each essential oil has it's own individual properties and will be chosen by the therapist for a specific reason which will relate to the client's physical and emotional well-being.

Once several oils that will complement each other have been selected and diluted in a carrier oil, a full body luxury treatment will follow. A combination of strokes and heat ensures the passage of the oils through the skin, into the bloodstream and then circulate every organ system in the body.

Over the next 24 hours these magical oils will work to a schedule to help create positive change within the individual. Aromatherapy is a truly enjoyable way of keeping stress levels low, immune systems high and emotional equilibrium

Treatments with Kimberley

Kimberley has many years professional experience as an aromatherapist and originally trained at the prestigious London Tisserand Institute (for whom she is now a supervisor). During her evolvement as a therapist Kimberley founded Divine Potions (R) (a fabulous range of essential oil potions for spiritual growth) and has cross trained in other disciplines (including aromatic indian head massage and Crystal Light Energy(TM) work) and her intuitive knowledge of essential oils and her treatments have evolved with her.

Kimberley specialises in spiritual and emotional aromatherapy combining many special skills to create a treatment that is totally unique and deeply powerful on many levels.

Kimberley's approach to each client varies as do the specifically selected essential oils but will usually combine the use of crystals, natural healing, the sound of bells, spiritual intention and prayer feathers.

Kimberley works from several London practices and not least of these is The Healing Room (SW4) which offers the perfect backdrop for her healing work.

Be prepared to be enchanted and charmed when you book in for the ultimate healing experience with Kimberley at The Healing Room.

Treatments cost £40 for 1 hour or £45 for 90 minutes and can be booked by telephoning 020 - 7622 2982 (Monday - Saturday 0900 - 1900 only please)
Or: Email me

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available for treatments from the Healing Room London SW4 and also for Divine Potions essential oil blends - (available by mail order) please email or phone for information - these can now also be purchased online by credit card
Corporate Events & Parties

For parties and corporate events Kimberley is available to provide clothed aromatherapy hand and foot, indian head or back neck and shoulder sessions via Calmer Karma - London's premier Holistic Health & Wellness Agency

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