DIVINE POTIONS(TM) essential oil empowered potions for meditation and healing


Essential Oil Tools for Healing

Suitable for: Healers and Reiki Therapists Crystal Cleansing,
Aura Cleansing and Self-Healing work

The following specific essential oil based blends are a direct result of working as a therapist specialising in Emotional and Spiritual Aromatic Lightwork(TM) for many years. I, personally, have been fascinated by the human psyche and individual emotional responses for as long as I can remember. When a client enters my Healing Room and begins to unravel a piece of their life which involves emotional disharmony, I concentrate on key words and how they are spoken, body language and of course what is not said. This confidential information along with personal wisdom and guidance is what determines the essential oil synergy I am going to work with at that particular time, with that client.

Sometimes, clients who.experience a direct positive result following a treatment will request to know the contents of the blend, believing a little D.I.Y. will do the trick. Unfortunately, this is never the case and they return to the following appointment bemused. My belief is that the quality of the oils, how they are stored, the divine intention and personal energy impregnated upon the potion is the integral part of the treatment.

Many people who have a unique story to tell write a book,
I have stored my story in these potions.





A high vibrational heavenly delight to awaken the hand Chakras before healing work and meditation. Ideal for Spiritual Healers and Reiki practitioners to add the angelic vibration of fragrance.


50 ml

(Pure Essential Oils)

For protection, cleansing and healing, use to transmute negative energies from rooms, people, personal objects.

The essential potion for all busy therapists and healers to transmute and refresh the energy in their environment after treatments.

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(Deva Friendly!)

(Pure Essential Oils)


When a new crystal comes into our lives it is essential to cleanse the crystal to transmute any negative vibrations. As not all crystals can be washed this blend comes as a gift from heaven!

Easy to use to cleanse and re-energise all crystals - simply smudge on your oil burner.

This is an essential tool for all crystal healers as it is easy and quick to use between treatments to cleanse your crystals and it is even Deva friendly! Your crystals will glow with light and energy!


A fusion of earth energies blended with the help of the earth devas to draw on your own personal courage and strength at times of challenge


100 ml

When your world seems to be spinning too fast and your only way to keep up is to slow down you need Positive Space to create a protective energetic field around you until you feel rejuvenated and ready to join the wheel of life once again.


100 ml



An illuminating and inspiring potion to unleash your creative potential and fire the imagination...Paint your house orange, Write that Song! Be Arty & Playful! Inc: Jasmine.
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Channelled Potion

Dedicated to the Spiritual Heart. Use to forgive yourself and others, let go of the past and free trapped energy for use in new and exciting life projects.


100 ml

(Sensual massage blend .....Use for massage or in the bath)

Use your Kundalini Energy to have a little fun! . This essential oil potion is an APHRODISIAC EXTRAVAGANZA which has worked time and time again. HEADY and HEAVENLY!
Includes: Jasmine Sambac
(a rare and expensive Jasmine essential oil)

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All of these products contain high quality essential oils. The precious essential oils used are chosen for their subtle vibrations and are often rare and expensive, but must be included because of their powerful properties and energy.

All of these potions are hand blended, blessed and empowered in special ceremony frequently at sacred sites, so the recipient receives a tool for use in healing meditation and ceremonial work that has been infused with Divine Intention. I am honoured to receive help in my work from the devic kingdom, the higher light realms, angelic beings and the Ascended Masters to energise and empower each potion to its highest vibration.

Products are made by a fully qualified Tisserand Aromatherapist Kimberley Ann Finney (TIDHA, MRQA)

CAUTIONS: If any of the following apply to you please state when ordering. Pregnancy, Heart Problems, High Blood Pressure, Epilepsy, Inflamed or damaged liver, prostrate problems, elderly or immobile. You must be aged 18 years or older to order these products.
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