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Divine Potions
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Thoth  Tarot School-Professional Tarot Training

The Thoth Tarot School is based in London and has been established for over 6 Years. The school offers comprehensive professional training in tarot and has trained many students who have gone on to start a new career in the world of tarot.

The Thoth Tarot School also offers fun introductory tarot workshops and an ongoing tarot circle with monthly special interest subject to enable students to get together and continually expand their knowledge of the tarot (we will be celebrating this aspect on-line too with our monthly featured tarot theme).

The uniqueness of the courses at the Thoth Tarot School stems from our enthusiasm to bring the tarot to life for you.

The School was founded by Karin Taylor who brings 20 years of esoteric knowledge to the courses including study of symbolism through many cultures and beliefs (including Ancient Myths, Egyptology, The Goddess, Astrology, the power and symbolism of numerology, the Occult, Sacred Geometry and Shamanism). You will grow intuitively and spiritually through guided meditations, working with elemental energies and many more unique intuition development exercises and initiations. Training focusses on bringing the tarot to life and in addition to learning a lot about yourself you will learn about all kinds of magical and mystical things - your journey into the tarot to be a journey into both mystery and a celebration of life!

The tarot school has been featured several times in the British National Press and Karin herself has been featured on London bases Radio stations and BBC TV

Karin is a colourful character and her style of teaching is warm and open to encourage students to grow and blossom. She has worked professionally with the tarot for over 10 years and personally with the tarot for 20 years. She is well known at Holistic London's exhibitions for her informative and innovative lectures on the tarot

Professional training covers all aspects of working with the tarot and also advice is given on setting up a professional tarot practice - you will be provided with all the necessary tools and knowledge to start a new career with the tarot!

The on-line content of the training has been specially adapted
from the popular live tarot courses held frequently in London
in order to make these accessible to a wider audience.

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Thoth Tarot School Tel: London - 020 7 385 1169



About Us Section:

Divine Potions (TM)
Kimberley Ann Finney



Divine Potions Logo


Divine Potions is the brainchild of Kimberley Ann Finney (TIDHA, MRQA).

Kimberley trained in the art of Aromatherapy at the prestigious
Tisserand Institute London in 1995, as a way of expanding
her knowledge of the plant kingdom and learning how to
professionally blend essential oils safely.

After gaining her diploma, she directed her studies towards spiritual aromatic
Indian Head Massage, the energy of crystals, colour and natural
healing - however in her own words she remains a student of life and its' creator.

As a child Kimberley displayed gifts of powerful intuition and a
quest for esoteric and spiritual knowledge gifts which have grown stronger
and more purposeful over the years. Creating Divine Potions (TM)
gave her an outlet in which to explore and share her gifts with
seekers on the path to spritiual growth and healing.

The essential oils used in Divine Potions products are selected after much meditation on their subtle vibrations and with divine guided help to access stored information within the vibration of each blessed essential oil for. Many of the oils are rare and expensive and we pride ourselves on sourcing some of the best quality essential oils in the world.

Kimberley lives in London and as well as her work with
Divine Potions(TM) works as a therapist specialising in spiritual
aromatherapy. She can also be heard frequently speaking at
Holistic London events. She has been featured in magazine articles including Holistic London's Spring 2000 issue
and Aromatherapy Magazine Summer 2000.

Divine Potions Products:

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Kimberley is available for parties and corporate events
where you would like to add an holistic theme

Picture of Kimberley Ann Finney

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Treatments currently available in London with Kimberley Ann Finney - in London SW4:
Aromatherapy (Aromatic Lightwork(TM))
Aromatic Indian Head Massage


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Kimberley has four exotic goldfish - Wolf, Cooch, Kelly and Ouroboros who live in a huge tank full of crystals in her healing room at home.

They recently had 150 babies!... but the real treat was to watch the frys (baby fish) emerge from eggs that had been laid on top of quartz crystal balls - special friends indeed!

We will keep you updated on their progress!

July Update

The baby crystal fishes are now three months old. Unfortunately, only ten have survived but they are very happy exploring their new world. For me the last three months have been nothing less than wonderful! To be privileged enough to watch a life being born from an egg and then develop into a tiny creature swimming about is so incredible. All ten crystal fishes are at different stages of growth, some have one scale and others many.




Here's your opportunity to find out a little more about the team at White Cauldron and take a peek at some of our articles and photos published in newspapers and magazines

Feature on Tarot School
- The Sunday Times 1998

Featured articles and pictures - crystal healing

Featured articles and pictures
- Indian Head Massage & Aromatherapy
- Kimberley Ann Finney

(creator of Divine Potions

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